Journalism That Matters Workshop

I got invited to attend a fascinating conference earlier this month called “Journalism That Matters.” Officially, the conference was convened to discuss and critique an alternative business plan for newspapers that’s being developed by a grassroots group of journalists. If you’re interested in what journalism may look like, give it a read here.

It was a great conference on a number of levels. First, it was inspiring to see how many folks from newsrooms, many of them late in their careers, are seriously involved with figuring how to transform newspapers for this new era. And that means both the content and the business model.

But the approach was instructive in terms of how they structured the conference. It began Tuesday night with extensive rounds of activities designed to get participants involved. And the main day, Wednesday, was broken up into different sessions. And as part of each session, participants created topics, selected a room, and led a discussion. It was more productive than it may sound.

In the afternoon, the sessions was dedicated to people who had projects related to the JTM plan. I posted a notice for The Next Newsroom Project and hosted a discussion with about a dozen folks for 90 minutes. After being focused internally for so long as we get this off the ground, it was interesting to hear the thoughts of folks who knew little or nothing about this project or Duke.

You can read the notes from the session here.


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