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Where the journalism jobs are…

Mark Glaser, the host of PBS’ Mediashift posted a lengthy article on his site today looking at how rapidly journalism jobs are shifting from print to online. It’s to the point where he’s openly wondering if the online growth is offsetting the losses in print.

This is somewhat obvious to anyone working in a newsroom today. But this quote way down low caught my eye. It’s from Paul Grabowicz, assistant dean and director of the new media program at the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California-Berkeley. Paul is a fellow Knight grantee, and I met him when the News Challenge Grants were announced in May.

Paul told Glaser that: “so many students were taking the Intro to Multimedia Reporting elective that the school decided to make it a required course for everyone.”

I’m assuming he’s talking about just the j-school, and not all of UC-Berkeley.

Then Grabowicz went on to say:

“This year we’re also going to have students in our core intro reporting class, which is required of all incoming students, do more multimedia and blogging. And many of our other courses are adding a digital component as well. So digital media increasingly is becoming embedded throughout our curriculum, rather than as a separate track. I think that trend will accelerate in the future, because it reflects the approach news organizations increasingly are taking, integrating multimedia into the newsroom rather than having a separate, stand-alone online operation.”

More from Grabowicz:

“Students who are well versed in digital media often find themselves being placed in key positions in news organizations that are trying to ramp up their multimedia or online operations. So it’s not just that it’s becoming a requirement for a job; for many students it’s an opportunity to help lead a news organization in the transition to digital media. Which is pretty exciting.”

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