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My angle on the Next Newsroom

I am not a journalist, and have never wanted to be. While I try to stay on top of the news, I havent subscribed to a newspaper in over a decade, and when I did it did more to fill my recycling bin than anything else. I read the Chronicle, but didn’t even know where there offices were.

So, what in the world am I doing here?

Well, for starters I was at Duke with Chris O’Brien, and either through random chance or cosmic destiny, I bumped across his profile on facebook. Other than to catch up on what he has been up to for the last 17 years, I wanted to connect with Chris because I am currently working as VP, Product Development, VMIX Media, and we are offering Web 2.0 technologies to nearly 200 newspapers, tv, and radio stations so Chris’ involvement in projects like “The Next Newsroom” is of great interest to me. Those clients include McClatchy Interactive, Tribune Interactive, Media General, Lee Broadcasting, and LinTV. Who knows – I may already be working with some of you!

I will try to bring an outsider’s view of the newspaper industry to this group both as a veteran Internet technologist and a non-journalist. I realize some of those issues are more tangential than directly related to this project, but hopefully we can all learn a little from each other.

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