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How do you encourage innovation in college media?

Over the weekend, Mindy McAdams had a post over at her Teaching Online Journalism blog about innovation and college media. She highlights a new article from noted designer Hugh Dubberly about how innovation happens. You can read her full post here and part of Dubberly’s article here (subscription required to see the whole thing).

She goes on to issue a challenge:

“I think we need to invite proposals for change in newsrooms. We need to open up that competition for attention. We need to prototype and try and risk and fail and try again…”

We’ve been asking a similar question with this project: How can campus media build innovation into their culture? In our case, that’s in the context of creating a whole new newsroom, which gives us the opportunity to think broadly.

I have some thoughts on how that could be done. But first, I want to pose McAdams’ same challenge to folks here. What would you do to make sure a new newsroom embraces and facilitates innovation?

One Response

  1. Great thoughts, Megan. One thing we hear from campus media is the issue of capacity. Student journalists, especially at all volunteer outfits, feel like they barely have time to get the main thing out, let alone think about new things to try. I’m wondering if anyone out there has figured out a way around the issue of students’ time?

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