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What’s going on at Duke these days…

some of the media groups are becoming much more active these days…

  • several of them are redoing their websites.
  • WXDU is redoing its bylaws.
  • They also started a new talk show with the center for doc. studies, called Durham Noise Network.
  • Cable 13 is trying to do a major studio upgrade (about $150k worth).
  • freewater publications is shooting lots of films. Including one big shoot on Super 16
  • Small Town Records is closing in on the release of their first compilation cd.
  • the Publications Board is growing and active. New issues are coming out and a couple of publications are being added to the franchise list.
  • Cable 13 and WXDU are using iTunesU now. If you go to the itunes store and search wxdu or cable 13, you should be able to find the stuff. they haven’t done an official launch tp promote it yet, but its up there and we’re working on it.
  • another interesting thing is the possibility of a remote broadcast facility at the newly renovated Golden Belt factories downtown (this is brand new, and i should know more next week).

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