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Three weeks to the Next Newsroom Conference

After months of work, we’re closing in on the start of our conference next month. I’m excited by the lineup of speakers we have on Day 1. And I’m also really looking forward to the conversations we’ll have on Day 2. We just launched our conference wiki which has more details about the agenda, a list of attendees, and a place for people to propose topics for the breakout sessions on Day 2.

By coincidence, someone just pointed me to a feature in Fortune magazine called “Conference 2.0” by Dan Fost. The article looks at how social media is changing the nature of conferences, putting more empahsis on participation. That was my goal for our conference, and why we went with the “un-conference” format for Day 2.

Here’s what Dan’s article says about that format:

“The “un-conference” model, in which people show up for a conference and the participants pick the agenda and run it in an “open space” model. The most prominent of these has been tech publisher Tim O’Reilly’s Foo Camp, in which a select crowd spends a weekend camping out in O’Reilly’s offices in Sebastopol, Calif.; and barcamp, a more grassroots effort that sprang up in response to Foo Camp. Scores of barcamps have been held around the world in the last year and a half.

We have a couple of Raleigh-Durham bar campers helping us next month. I’m curious to see what everyone comes up with and where the conversation takes us.

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