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Newsrooms are entering a hub-and-spoke future

Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine.com recently paid a vist to the BBC to check in on their efforts to build a new newsroom. Jarvis wrote up his visit for his weekly column in the London Guardian. A couple of interesting observations:

Horrocks gave me a tour of his space at Television Centre and explained the logic behind his new structure, on a day when he was manning the BBC News multimedia desk. He is making all his top managers rotate in that chair to immerse them in the demands of news in any medium. Next to the multimedia desk is a hub that manages content from BBC News resources – standard stuff – though now its contributors are organised by topic rather than medium (the TV science reporter works alongside the online science writer).
But in the corner is something I think every newsroom will soon have: a media wire, which in Horrocks’ words is a tasting operation that ingests and assesses content from all over to feed to any product and medium. There is a separate user-generated-content hub that does likewise with amateur content. (I’d argue these two will have to merge, as the line between professional and amateur, reporter and witness continues to blur.) This curatorial function, editing the world, is critical in a news ecology that pushes us to do what we do best and link to the rest.

Check out the full column here.

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