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What would your ideal CMS contain?

As far as features or services go, what would you desire in a CMS? There’s a need for a better platform incorporating what the innovators need to produce better content. What would you use?

Web 2.0 integration, multiple users, variable workflow, mobile integration, image and content management for association with authors, new models for advertising … and what else?

Simple question, right?

One Response

  1. Jared: Thanks for posting this here. That’s a good list. On the content creation side, I want to make sure some of the basics are there, like the ability for reporters/writers to create links within their stories. Sounds obvious, but my company just installed a new system (Jazbox) that doesn’t allow this.This also may fall under some of your categories, but lots of ability for customized feeds.Ideally, it would also be modular to some degree, so new features can easily be added over time. One of the reasons I favor open source, if possible, to harness the broader community of developers to keep a system relevant.I’m sure there’s lots more.

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