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Is The Las Vegas Sun building the newsroom of the future?

There’s been tremendous buzz surrounding the Las Vegas Sun since it launched its re-designed site and then hired Rob Curley and his team. Is the hype and excitement justified?

Mindy McAdams clearly thinks so. She’s writing a three-part blog post this week profiling the Sun and its transformation. She writes of the Sun’s new site:

“I show this site to every newsroom and at almost every conference I visit, because here you can see journalists producing work that is interesting, original, and really well suited to digital platforms.”

McAdams touches on how the Sun handles content created by the community:

“The Las Vegas Sun takes an atypical approach to user-generated content. Instead of setting up an online ghetto and populating it with weak blogs and photos from the community, Sun editors take advantage of photos and videos people have already uploaded to sites such as YouTube and Flickr. For the annual Burning Man event in the desert in 2007 (before the relaunch), they invited people to tag photos on Flickr so the Sun could embed them automatically.”

I hope to get down there for a visit myself. Reading McAdams’ posts has made me even more eager to do so.

Find her series here:

Part I: Why the Last Vegas Sun is so Great.

Part II

Part III

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