A new newsroom blooms in Colombia

Photo of new El Heraldo newsroom via Juan Giner Innovation’s blog)
One of the big takeaways from the first year of this project is that when it comes to people building new newsrooms, the action is outside the U.S. In Europe, Asia, and Latin America, media companies are furiously pumping money into new facilities designed to meet the challenges of this new era.

That trend led me to Juan Giner, managing partner of Innovations, an association of consultants who work with newsrooms around the world to re-invent themselves. Typically, organizations approach Innovations wanting their newspaper to be redesigned. The first thing Giner tells them:

“If you want to change a newspaper for the better, redesign its newsroom. And a new work flow will follow.”

Giner & Co. revealed the latest version of this vision when they drew back the curtain on the new newsroom they helped create for El Heraldo, based in Barranquilla, Colombia.

The new newsroom embraces and “open-space” design. Among the newspaper’s notable alumni: Gabriel García Marquez.

Giner writes

“On my first visit to EL HERALDO more than 20 years ago, I saw a very traditional newsroom. The new one was inaugurated this last weekend, and looks quite different with a central Superdesk and a new editorial structure.”

A redesigned paper will follow in a few months.

Here is a larger schematic of the newsroom layout:

For a larger schematic of the newsroom layout, click here.


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