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Being a journalism student today

What’s it like being a journalism student today? I’ve got a great idea — ask the students!

So that’s where I come in. I am a journalism student. I go to Temple University in Philadelphia. I love it, but I’m not married to newspapers.

I’ve worked as a writer, a photographer, a designer, producer and editor for a newspaper run by students at a small community college before heading to Temple. I’ve been exposed to the newsroom culture; particularly while I interned at The Morning Call.

Let me tell you one secret about newsrooms — they’re bogged down with bureaucracy and fear. People are worried about change, worried about dwindling costs and not reaching their goal. So what’s the goal for newsrooms? To distribute information in a way readers want of course.

Trust me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. In student newsrooms, sometimes innovation is stifled by administrations, costs, staffing problems, and oh yeah — classes. Don’t even get me started on young journalists who don’t want to innovate.

So how do we fix that? I’m trying to show people the benefits of blogging, of using social media, and why the old business models don’t work anymore. All of these things will affect the students’ once they graduate so we are forced to make changes now.

We can be prepare ourselves for the problems. We need to be the solution.


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