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Gabriel Sama

The Hiper-local NewsHive / A Virtual and Mobile Newsroom:

The Hive is a digital, mobile and virtual news center that will support Mojos on the field, much like radio and TV mobile stations. But while TV and radio mobile units are used to transmit signals, the NewsHive will be used to attract the community and the information they want to push and communicate to their fellow community members while also providing on site, real time information to that community.
The NewsHive has three main objectives: provide support to Mojos, strengthen community relationships and deliver information on site, in real time to that community using the most convenient multimedia platform.
While Mojos have become the norm for mobile journalism, in practice Mojos that stray away far from the conventional newsroom lack the support, guidance and technological tools that have been the staple of big, fully-equipped and heavy news centers.
Likewise, while Mojos represent the media outlet with the community they lack the presence a bureau or newsroom has, especially when it comes to retrieving the community’s opinions, feedback and needs. They will be a specific unit within the Hive designed to attract residents, record their stories or have them talk to reporters, or have people talk to it the Hive unfiltered.
The Hive will have all the support and tools of the main newsroom in any environment and under any circumstance, including emergencies and/or specific local coverage, giving remote access to the full-fledged CMS and constant broad band internet access. But it will go beyond Ifra’s mobile unit, because the NewsHive will be providing support to several journalists like a temporary mobile newsroom and, most importantly, will provide the community an outlet to communicate with the media organization.
While the Mojo is a reporter that travels alone and is – almost – independent, the NewsHive is the face of the media outlet with the community.

The NewsHive will be also equipped with video conference capabilities for full and constant communication with the NewsBrain, the main, building based newsroom. The NewsBrain will be a modern, open, radial, fully digital, paperless, multimedia, 24/7 news center with first-come first serve spaces for Mojos who are around the area, a central command desk and meeting rooms with video conference capabilities.
But, another capability of the NewsHive is to produce spare of the moment publications in any platform. The publishing platform would be decided by the community’s circumstances at that moment. If the audience is leaving a stadium, a print publication – printed on site inside the NewsHive — could be delivered by hand. If people need traffic information, the NewsHive and the NewsBrain would be pushing wireless traffic related news – retrieved by the Mojos – related to traffic jams around the stadium. The audience will be receiving wireless updated based on their location to their 3G wireless devices. The NewsHive could have a big screen on one of its sides to show a live interview or deliver live news.
The NewsHive is all about retrieving information but also delivering it in real time to the community or specific audiences via audio, video and text to different platforms (print, wireless, online).
The NewsBrain will have an open source software and data base to push all media – audio, video, text – in real time to a centralized data base. The CMS would allow the editing of these multiple media feeds and push a finished product to a specific platform, whatever is the ideal platform for the community under the circumstances. The NewsHive will have constant access to this open source system through a VPN.

Current technology allows to work away from the big newspaper building. In the old days, readers knew where the newspaper was located and went to it to deliver information. Today, the news operation has to go where people are. News outlets today need to be hiper-local, and thus need to have constant presence in the community. The NewsHive would be that. Print and online outlets need the same visibility in the community that radio and TV stations have had for years based on their mobile units. But the NewsHive will not be only for show, as it will offer full support for text production, video and audio editing and, also, space for several journalists – including editors – that can instantly turn the NewsHive into a mobile bureau.

The Hive can deliver news in any platform, like print a newsletter in real time with information about a hurricane: it would park at the edge of a highway, report and deliver a print product for the people who are leaving or coming into a city with information on open gas stations, hotel occupancy and traffic. It will also publish on the Web and deliver wirelessly. Mojos will pour the information even while they’re reporting. An editor would work on a Virtual NewsHive on site: a VPN-based, comprehensive, multimedia CMS. The Hive will be fully wired, with 24/7 access to broadband and with independent, energy generation. A Hive will have an editor, a multi-platform producer and three Mojos.

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