Sustainability: Jeff Jarvis shares his thoughts on next steps for business models

Following the New Business Models for News Summit last month, our host, Jeff Jarvis, has summed up his takeaways from the gathering and outlined some next steps.

Both posts are worth reading in full. But here are a couple of items that struck me.

Jarvis suggests: “After letting the work of the New Business Models for News Summit at CUNY sink in, I think we need to convene a working group from each of the discussions at the summit to move to the next step and build at least one concrete model.”

This is a great idea. Create an ideal model that be adapted to the situation on the ground. Keep it open source. If you use bits of the plan, require people to share their data and what they learn, so the plan can grow and evolve based on feedback.

Jarvis also writes: “I was delighted that the amazing group we were lucky to bring together had moved past the old rivalries: business vs. edit, new media vs. old. I was also quite relieved to hear a universal sense of urgency about the need to find new means to sustain journalism. There isn’t a minute to waste.”

Agreed. If there’s one upside to the deteriorating conditions of newspapers, it’s that it has melted away a lot of the resistance and unproductive squabbles between old vs. new. Everyone pretty much acknowledges that the industry needs to change.

The question now is this: Will we go far enough, fast enough?


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