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Tech Tools Day 4: Richard Koci Hernandez on the Golden Age of Journalism

I had the great fortune to work with Richard Koci Hernandez for almost nine years at the San Jose Mercury News. He’s a passionate, committed photojournalist who became an industry pioneer by embracing and evangelizing for multimedia. His widely followed blog, Multimedia Shooter, is packed with his work, tips, and ideas.

Richard left the Mercury News last year to become a Ford Foundation fellow at the University of California at Berkeley School of Journalism where he’s overseeing a hyperlocal journalism project. He was the closing speaker at the Tech Tools Workshop. And his topic was “The Golden Age of Journalism.” I tweeted the highlights of his talk and I’ve pasted them below:

Richard Hernandez speaking at #kdmc on The Golden Age of Journalism. Says it’s still about storytelling, just new tools.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Says we need to move past gloom about newspapers.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Future of journalism is found at battlestar galactica: only 30,000 humans left and they still have press conferences.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Fewer people will get paid for journalism. To survive, be a storyteller. No room for wimps. Be passionate.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Says he got lazy being at a newspaper. Multimedia reinvigorated him. Rediscovered his passion for storytelling.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc If you have passion and creativity, you will always be employable.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc We can tell stories on a deeper level than ever. More tools, more opportunities. And reach more people

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Quantity breeds creativity. Took Thomas Edison 9,000 experiments to get electricity right.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Journalists need to learn how to make more mistakes faster.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Everything I learned, I learned from Google.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Surprised that journalists are still so afraid to make mistakes and fail.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Look outside journalism for inspiration.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Don’t afraid of the tools. It’s not the tools, it’s the story.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Be a good listener. Be creative. And practice.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Find a mentor.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Bookmark delicious.com/koci to see what he thinks is cool.

Richard Hernandez at #kdmc Astonish me.


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