Nieman’s Tour of Five Innovative Newsrooms

Tour of Talking Points Memo’s new offices from Nieman Journalism Lab on Vimeo.

What does the newsroom of the future look like? The Nieman Journalism Lab takes a look at five of the most innovative newsrooms currently out there: Talking Points Memo, Gawker Media, The Daily Telepgraph in London, The Spokesman Review, and The Valley Independent Sentinel (a hyperlocal start-up launching this summer.

These are each short and worth checking out. But one the interesting takeaways goes back to the most frequent questions I get: Will there even be a newsroom in the future? My answer: Not necessarily, but there are good reasons to have one. And along that line, it’s interesting to note that cutting edge media operations like TPM and Gawker and TechCrunch still choose to have their content gatherers and creators in one setting.


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