Lessons from the INMA World Congress

I wasn’t able to attend the INMA World Congress last month in Miami. But I’ve been catching up by reading through summaries of the sessions, and watching the clips of interviews with keynote speakers. There’s several good lessons here, some reasons for optimism, and some clear-eyed thinking about how big the challenges are for news organizations.

I’ve added the videos from the conference to this site in the video section. They’re each short, and worth a view.

But I wanted to highlight one from Juan Senor, a partner and first vice president of INNOVATION, an international media consutlting firm. (Disclosure: I’m part of INNOVATION’s network of consultants).

Senor makes the case for optimism about the future of newspapers:

“My belief, when it comes to newspapers, is that they’re never going to die. It’s my firm belief that they’re here to say. The thing that made them great, is what will continue to make them great in the future, which is the journalism, the storytelling. We’ve been very confused because of the disruptive influence of the digital world and the Internet. And we’re losing site of what mde the newspapers great and we need to return to those basics and understand that there is always going to be a need for people to be told a good story.”

A few other tidbits from Senor:

* Journalism will never die; and it will survive on a print platform.
* People need clarity, and help navigating through the jumble of information.
* Journalists can add tremendous value to what is out there.


One Response

  1. Thanks for the post. In addition to the story telling part, the fact remains that news-on-paper is still the most convenient way to find things that you don’t know you were looking for. It could be a joke, a horoscope, a crossword or most likely an ad. If you find just one story interesting and well told it’s well worth the price of admission.

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