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Ready For The Multi-Touch News Wall In Your Newsroom?

Touchwall Demo from Joel on Vimeo.

A colleague just passed along a link to this video he saw while attending the Cannes Lions 2009 International Advertising Festival. This “Touchwall” is being developed by Schematic, which is an “interactive agency that creates branded experiences.”

Boing Boing has a little write-up here.

Do you see this in your newsroom some day?

3 Responses

  1. I can see this being useful in a news room, though unless we get a grant probably can’t afford the thing for the next 5 years. From tracking internal projects, to story ideas, live community feeds (think replacing the police scanner with twitter feeds, live comment updates, location sourcing, etc). Potential is pretty amazing. Then again, its potential for abuse and just “showing off” is great as we can see by CNN and Fox with their large touch screen walls.

  2. The TOUCHWALL might be good innovation in newsroom. So I think it will work here. Since it will track new updates and information then it will be a great help to the community. Anyway, you might hear the news about MJ’s death right? Every room know this news about the OK magazine Michael Jackson cover, is part of a tribute issue to the recently deceased singer. The Ok magazine Michael Jackson cover isn’t going to require an all black cover and no one is forced to smell a metaphorical glove, but it’s what’s inside the cover that has people up in arms. The magazine is rumored to have the last picture of Michael alive, or perhaps just after death, as the possible post mortem photo taken of the King of Pop. Critics have thus far denounced the announcement of a possible death photo of Jackson, with the innocent OK magazine Michael Jackson cover, as little more than a crass grab for instant cash.

  3. Shocking, but it’s the age we live in, unfortunately…

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